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Pinnacle Business Finance is a commercial finance brokerage based in Bristol. We are an unrivalled team of commercial finance experts. We source business loans, commercial property finance, cash-flow funding, and business acquisition finance.

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What is a commercial finance broker?2022-07-20T17:14:32+01:00

Pinnacle Business Finance is a commercial finance broker that sources business funding across the UK. We have a wealth of lenders from high street banks to boutique finance companies. You get the benefit of us comparing the business finance market for you to ensure you are getting the best possible finance product. In turn, saving you time and money.

Why use Pinnacle Business Finance?2022-07-20T17:14:58+01:00

Pinnacle saves you time and money. Pinnacle is an agnostic finance broker which allows us to have no preference for any single finance company in the UK. We always put our client’s needs and expectations first and offer a free business consultation. Whether you are looking for a business loan, invoice finance, bridging loan, or any commercial finance we have options available.

What is an unsecured business loan?2022-07-20T17:15:18+01:00

Often the first business finance option companies think of is an unsecured business loan in the UK. The reason being is business loans is one of the most common forms of funding. An unsecured loan allows the business to borrow money without having to give security over residential or commercial property.

What is invoice finance?2022-07-20T17:15:37+01:00

Invoice Finance is used to support cash flow and allow a business to grow. It releases money from outstanding invoices negating the need to have to keep waiting to get paid. Outstanding invoice payments can really restrict a business’s growth. Getting paid quicker and having protection against bad debts through credit insurance can be crucial to success. Invoice finance can be available to businesses from start-up funding to corporate finance.

How do I buy a business using acquisition finance?2022-07-20T17:16:00+01:00

You can buy a business using various finance mechanisms and one of which is a leveraged buy-out through debt finance. This gives the purchaser the ability to raise finance against the business they are buying. This can be done through asset finance, invoice finance, term loans, revolving credit, commercial property funding, and many more. It’s one of the most common ways of buying a business.

case studies

Based on 12 reviews
7. March, 2022.
Fantastic company to work with who helped us make the dream of owning our own business premises a reality.
lee mcdonald
lee mcdonald
14. September, 2021.
Jack has helped me out on several occasions and offered a very high standard of care. We will certainly use him in the future
Yonathan Yacob
Yonathan Yacob
9. August, 2021.
Pinnacle was highly attentive and proficient with my client's needs. I look forward to working with them on future cases.
Sandra Vieira da Silva
Sandra Vieira da Silva
6. August, 2021.
I own a small recruitment agency and can only appreciate the help I was given by Jack Seymour at Pinnacle Business Finance. A game changer, thank you
amine bennouna
amine bennouna
1. August, 2021.
Great company. Straight forward and professional. They give amazing advice as well. I strongly recommend !
Agata Mazur
Agata Mazur
13. May, 2021.
Very professional service. An offer tailored to the needs of our business. Friendly and qualified advisor. Complex financial products explained in an easy - to - understand way. 5 stars for Jack Seymour from Van21 Ltd
Jon Fry
Jon Fry
22. January, 2021.
Jack is fantastic and is very business minded and will take care of all your business financial needs. He also has alot of good contacts that will help you with your business.
JOE Brown
JOE Brown
4. June, 2020.
Excellent customer service. Went all out to get us what we wanted. Will recommend.
7. January, 2020.
Got us the deal we were looking for. Friendly and conscientious, would definitely recommend .
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown
17. June, 2019.
Pinnacle Business Finance have allowed me to invest in my care agency. I have been trading for over 3 years and was looking to grow my business. They took the time to visit me and talk through my options. Nothing was too much hassle and secured premium funding. I haven't looked back since and would highly recommend the team at Pinnacle!
An Affordable Unsecured Business Loan for A Film Production Education Studio2024-03-08T14:52:28+00:00

Business Funding: Unsecured Business Loan

Location – Southwest

Finance Amount: £100,000




A film production based in the Southwest of the UK was introduced to Pinnacle as they required funding to support cash flow and repay debts which they had suffered over previous years. They had mounted up supplier and rent arrears, partly down to Covid coupled with a slight downturn in turnover.





When the client approached the broker at Pinnacle, he felt that it was a long shot that someone was going to give him a loan for his business. He was acutely aware the numbers weren’t looking great however believed he has solid foundations to build and bounce back on. We spoke through how and why he had come into this position and the steps he had taken already before speaking to his finance broker at Pinnacle.

He advised the bank and unfortunately declined his business loan application, and this meant that without a loan or some form of funding, cash-flow was going to be very tight over the next 12 months.

The broker at Pinnacle asked if he had any projections or a cash flow forecast, he could share which fortunately he had already completed. This was fantastic news as he knew his outgoings each month and more importantly the amount he needed as a business loan. The broker reviewed this for the client and built a loan application based on his future cash flow projections for the business.

The loan was based of his projections for the business and historic performance before the slight downturn in business. This meant the unsecured loan was spread over 5 years with the option to repay the loan early, with no early repayment fees. This gave the client the flexibility of funding through the unsecured loan whilst having the benefit of the funding in the short term.

Business Acquisition Finance to Purchase a Steel Fabricator in the Midlands2024-03-08T14:49:19+00:00

Business Funding: Invoice Discounting, Asset Finance and Unsecured Business Loan

Location – Birmingham

Finance Amount: £550,000





The client was put in contact with us at Pinnacle Business Finance as they were looking to purchase a steel fabricating business based in the Midlands. They had been speaking to the business broker and identified this Steel Fabricator as a business they wanted to buy. However, they were unsure how to finance the business acquisition as they had never bought a business before. The business was well established, and the owner was looking to retire therefore wanted to sell. It has been independently valued and now the client was looking to purchase it through a leveraged buyout.




When we spoke to the client who was looking to buy the business, they advised they had had senior positions in similar businesses before. In addition to this, they had capital to put into the deal themselves, all be it a smaller amount. This meant we could draw on their experience of running similar businesses before along with making a financial commitment. After initially discussing the Steel Fabricating business in question at length, we reviewed the financial performance.

We quickly identified we could utilise invoice finance and asset finance to leverage against so, the purchaser could raise enough capital to reach the day 1 payment. Invoice discounting was implemented on a confidential basis along with financing against the machinery held in the factory. Once the cash-flow forecast showed how the repayments would be hit based on future projections along with historic performance we were able to put forward a funding application to acquire the business for our client.

We compared various invoice finance companies along with asset finance companies to ensure the client was getting the best finance possible. We managed to negotiate a funding package through an ABL (Asset Backed Lender) who could provide all the funding in one place.

The client therefore successfully bought the business and after 12 months had enough profit within the business to repay themselves from the funding, they originally put in.

A Quick Merchant Cash Advance Loan Boosted Cash Flow for A Restaurant – £65,0002024-03-08T14:50:40+00:00

Business Funding: Merchant Cash Advance

Location –Bristol

Finance Amount: £65,000




A well-known restaurant in Bristol approached Pinnacle Business Finance for cash flow funding which they required quickly. This was because they needed to invest in the business to pay weekly pay roll due to continual recruitment. Recently they experienced a change of kitchen staff and had to replace these key members of staff through a recruitment agency. This meant they had a temporary dip in cash-flow and required funding to pay weekly pay roll along with supplier costs.





When the client initially got in touch with us at Pinnacle Business Finance we spoke around his future projections for the restaurant, along with the circumstances which led to the cash-flow pressures. It was prevalent that short term cash flow loan was required to boost the businesses cash flow. As they were an B2C business which took a lot of card payments, merchant cash-advance was a feasible funding solution for them. This was because turnover increased and decreased each month dependent on the level of trade. It was difficult for them to forecast the cash-flow each month and merchant cash advance was a low-risk finance solution for them. During the busier times of the year, they made higher repayments towards the cash flow loan and when it was quitter they paid back less. This maintained cash-flow and allowed them to hit the weekly pay roll as the merchant cash advance loan was implemented in under 2 working days.

The client has gone onto top up their merchant cash advance funding 4 more times because they have found it to be a quick and easy cash flow solution for their business.

Low-Cost Invoice Discounting for A Healthcare Business in London – £750,0002024-03-08T14:50:11+00:00

Business Funding: Invoice Discounting

Location: London

Finance Amount: £750,000




A healthcare recruitment agency based in London was struggling with cash-flow because they worked with local councils and authorities. They placed healthcare workers into hospitals and nursing homes. They had large amounts of outstanding invoices which took on average 45 – 60 days to be paid. On top of this they were paying their agency workers on a weekly basis. This meant there was a cash-flow gap between invoicing and getting paid. They had previously used invoice factoring, although it became expensive for them. They approached us, Pinnacle Business Finance, to find a solution to support the cash-flow within their business whilst maintaining control within their business.




After we spoke to the healthcare agency business owner, we quickly identified they were under time constraints to find a solution quickly and required a cash flow boost. We spoke through different funding options. They advised they had previously used factoring when they were a new start business. This helped them to grow, although it became expensive as turnover increased.

When we costed out the difference between a business loan and invoice discounting this allowed us to identify invoice discounting was the lowest cost and the most financially viable option. We collated the information from the client and compared the invoice discounting finance options to ensure they were getting the best invoice discounting facility possible.

The invoice discounting facility was set up for them and released over £500,000 on day 1 which they used to continue to grow the business. This took away the cash flow pressures of waiting to get paid from outstanding invoices and allowed them to concentrate on increasing turnover and profitability.

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