Accountants Support With Business Loans When The Government Say NoAccountants can support

Accountants across the UK are finding themselves in a bind, at the moment. While the government has offered to support small and medium-sized businesses with grants, loans, and other funding options, many companies need their money faster or simply don’t qualify for government intervention. Alongside this, many brokers, lenders, and other funding bodies are also having to cut their workforces. This is to ensure that they can keep them healthy during this challenging time.

This is putting huge amounts of pressure on professionals who are dedicated to managing the finances of their clients. Making it feel as if there aren’t any options available to help them. Thankfully, though, Pinnacle is well and truly open for business. This means that we are well-placed to support your clients with business loans during the Covid-19 outbreak and beyond.

What Does Pinnacle Do?

Pinnacle Business Finance is a commercial finance broker. Based in Bristol, Bath, and the South West. Our team of dedicated financial experts have spent the last couple of years building strong connections. With loads of different funding options, including a huge range of commercial lenders. This includes high street banks, along with a wealth of alternative lenders all have unique finance offerings.

Having these financiers on our panel enables us to take your client’s requirements, search through our database of lenders, and come back with a collection of business loan options which will all offer something slightly different.

You can then work with your client to determine the best choice for their funding needs. Whilst relying on Pinnacle to offer support, inform, and provide an agnostic view on securing commercial finance.

Why Choose Pinnacle For Your Clients?

With many lenders and finance brokers closing their doors during this difficult time, having an option you can rely on to serve your clients effectively is crucial. Pinnacle has worked extensively to keep supplying clients with finance options. This means a business loan could be your best choice, but this is just the start of what we have to offer.

  • The most Relevant Business Loan: While we offer support to our clients, we also understand that choice is essential when you’re taking on a product like a business loan. For this reason, we give all of our clients a range of relevant loans to choose from. Providing them with all the information they need to make a well-informed decision.
  • Providers Big & Small: Pinnacle has built strong connections with a range of business loan providers, including both the largest and smallest lenders on the market. Not only does this give your clients more choice, but it can also give you access to finance offerings that traditionally weren’t available.
  • Always Open: Uncertainty can be a killer in the field of accounting, and it always pays to know who you can rely on. That’s why we partner with trusted accountants around the South West to support their clients and provide an additional service.
  • Personal Support: We don’t use complex algorithms or special formulas to make our recommendations; we use human expertise and personal support to ensure that we offer the best business loans for each of our clients. You’ll never be given a generic suggestion by Pinnacle.

Times are tough, and many companies are finding it hard to keep themselves afloat. Accountants have a difficult job to support, advise and guide clients through to make sure they have overall success. Pinnacle Business Finance is always here to help you. We’re proud to be offering business loans that can provide an alternative to the government funding on offer.