Point Of SaleThe world has changed a lot over the last couple of decades. Computers have just about taken over. The internet is connected to almost all of the tools people use, and there are more ways to pay for goods than ever before.

As the times change, businesses have to work harder than anyone else to keep up. This means both meeting the growing needs of your customers and taking advantage of the benefits which modern technology can provide.

Your Point of Sale Payment Options

Here at Pinnacle Business Finance, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to point of sale and merchant card machines in Bristol and Bath. Why do we think that this is the best payment method for modern shops? Let’s find out.


Cash is by far the oldest payment method found in the modern world, and this is a payment method that you simply can’t avoid. Unfortunately, though, cash has to be counted, deposited in the bank, and kept secure when it’s left inside your business. This option is often convenient for customers, but very awkward for stores to manage.


It’s extremely rare to see a cheque nowadays, and even rarer that someone will try to pay for their purchase with this outdated method. You don’t have to accept this payment method, and, in reality, should probably be avoiding it. It can be easy to make mistakes with cheques. They don’t often come without a guarantee of payment, and some banks will even charge you to deposit them.

Credit & Debit Cards

Credit and debit cards are the most popular payment method nowadays. It’s rare to find a store that does not have a merchant card terminals available. This sort of payment method is secure, guaranteed, and convenient, while also offering other perks which we’re going to cover below. We think that it’s always worth having a card terminal in your business.

Why Are Card Terminals So Important?

As mentioned above, customers have come to expect stores to have card machines, making these tools incredibly important. Neglecting this payment method can make it impossible for some people to shop with you, while also forcing you to deal with outdated payment methods which will take a lot more work.

Alongside this, a card terminal opens the doors to a merchant cash advance.

This financial service comes in the form of a line of credit, enabling you to improve your business. Cover unexpected bills, and access funds without having to apply time and time again. The money will be paid back as transactions are made on your merchant card machine, making it incredibly easy to stay on top of your credit.

Your eligibility for a merchant cash advance will be directly dependent on your company’s income through its card machines. This means that your line of credit can increase as you get more customers. You will only ever be able to borrow an amount which you will be able to pay back. Making this form of loan far more secure than others on the market.

Here at Pinnacle Business Finance, we’ve had the pleasure of helping countless businesses to both start using card terminals and open a line of credit with a merchant cash advance. We also offer a host of other financial services, so it’s worth getting in contact, even if you’re not sure whether or not we can help you.