Festive Christmas In BristolMaximize your business sales this holiday season, upgrade your marketing. It is no need to leave behind any traditions or strategies that are already working. Although, it’s a great time to mix things up. Keep reading as Pinnacle Business Finance in Bristol and how we outline some ideas for levelling up your business marketing. Especially, if you run a small business in Bristol.

Engage with customers

Generally, businesses think they can just create an online profile and call it a day. Trust us, having a profile on a site is only the first step. Instead, you should opt to have a few social media accounts where you interact with your followers regularly—including those that leave negative feedback.

Far too often, businesses in Bristol and across the UK, decide not to interact with people who leave them negative feedback because they think if it goes away, no one will see it. Most customers will hyper-focus on negative feedback to see how you handled the situation. Companies believe they can avoid this by deleting anything negative; however, followers will notice this as well, developing a rightful distrust of your brand. Instead, look to combat both positive and negative comments so people know you’re a real person who values their feedback.

Marketing your products with giveaways

Giveaways are one of the most popular social media events on any platform, and it’s easy to see why. Many brands have blown up practically overnight thanks to giveaways they’ve offered, and you can be a part of that as well.

The best way to gain followers is to tell people to tag a certain number of family or friends under your photo and select a winner from the applicants ( it’s best to avoid letting family and friends enter). As a result, everyone who was tagged to see your page as well as what you are selling.

A word of warning on this one. Do not give away things that you do not sell. Putting the latest electronics up will get you a lot of temporary followers, but they’ll leave after they don’t win the product.

Rebrand with a new logo

While you’re freshening up your marketing approach, why not include your logo in the mix?. Your business logo is a great opportunity to strengthen your brand and become recognizable in the market. If you like to get creative and want to save money on the logo design, check out one of the many logo makers available online. You won’t miss having a professional designer with a wide range of customizations available, and how cool is it to say you made your logo?

With that said, if you aren’t the creative type, hire a freelance designer to take care of your logo for you. Freelancers, are the perfect way to get extra help while you’re busy. Looking to branch into new ways of marketing like TikTok? Search online job boards for TikTok agencies and hire one that can take of everything for you.

Get last-minute shoppers

Last-minute shoppers are usually running out of ideas or time (or both), so, why not create a gift guide for them? Showcase some of your most popular products in an assortment of gift guides, that customers can easily scroll through. The best part? You can make these for the entire family. Look to create gift guides for kids, parents, family, friends, and more and have them readily available to scroll through on your website. These gift guides will allow you to connect with your shoppers as well as make their Christmas lists for them.

They are also on the hunt for fast shipping and discounts, so consider offering those as well. Guaranteed shipping, before Christmas, is a huge selling point. Also, don’t forget to communicate any shipping deadlines or changes in your store hours, to avoid any frustration from customers.

Sleigh the holiday season

To sum up, preparing for the holiday rush with more and more new customers rolling in is exciting. See the success you want, by making use of our suggestions along with any of your go-to methods from years past. Striking the right balance between in-store and online is an art, but remember that anything that doesn’t work as you’d hoped is simply a lesson for next year. Have a happy holiday season!