Finzels Reach signals growth for the whole cityWe wrote earlier in the year about ongoing construction work in the heart of Bristol. At Pinnacle we often watch carefully to see provision for business and the positive impact such developments can have. Insider Media broke the news recently regarding the impending move by English Heritage to Finzels Reach. It represents how heritage and business can come together for the enhancement of the area. This acknowledgement of historical interests represents a wider conscience in the city.

English Heritage is an important body preserving around 400 historic locations throughout England. Bristol is steeped in history so having such an important body will no doubt preserve this for generations to come. It also gives great status to Finzel’s Reach which already includes residents such as Barclays Bank. This ability for Bristol to take the derelict Courage Brewery and turn it in to flats and offices can be seen as somewhat unique. Bristol must ensure it keeps co-working space for new starts and this is an area we are developing ourselves.

Earlier we wrote about the growing tech reputation the city is gaining. This combined with new high rise buildings and vibrant mixed developments will only further the growth of Bristol. For residents such as ourselves, it is never a shock to read the positive national reporting in the BBC and wider media. Ultimately more good news is no doubt due after Channel 4 earlier announced it was taking up occupancy.

Bristol is well placed geographically and economically to cement its growing reputation as a fast growing tech hub. The nature of tech is often far more accessible and wide reaching, something cited by LSE and other bodies. This will no doubt ensure Bristol will create far wider reaching prosperity than London.