Cheers to the Last Friday of September!

As we draw to a close on another working month, countless business owners across the UK are in the process of invoicing their clients. A familiar dance of waiting, following up, and sometimes stressing over late payments begins. But what if there was a way to break free from this routine, ensuring you step into October with the cashflow you need?

Let me tell you how all your September invoices can be paid in full in under 24 hours.

This time on Monday (hello, October), you could already be seeing cold, hard cash in your account!


Let’s keep it simple. This is two steps.

  1. You send out your invoices.
  2. Turn those very invoices into immediate cash within 24 hours with Pinnacle Business Finance.

And here’s a fun fact for our UK business owners clients – Invoice Financing is not just about speed, but also a game-changer! All invoices are insured against non-payment!

So, why wait for the payment when you can get paid at the start of the month EVERY month!

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