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Buying a business

Debt funding against a previous business or one you are looking to acquire is commonplace when buying a business. Looking at the assets of the business to see what can be raised in funding is one of many options we can look at. Acquiring a business can become a reality with Pinnacle.

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How to buy a business

Buying a business can be a way of entering into a new industry or developing your current business in a time-efficient manner.


Business Acquisition Finance

Raising the finance to acquire a business can seem daunting. Especially if this is the first acquisition you have made.


How much is my business worth?2022-07-06T11:39:32+01:00

When you start your business often the last thing you think about is maybe selling it one day. There are many ways to value a business and the sector, size and profitability are the three main variables. If you get in touch with a broker at Pinnacle, we can talk you through what you could look to achieve.

When do I sell my business?2022-07-21T10:49:54+01:00

The million-dollar question of knowing when the right time to sell your business can be very tricky. This is because nobody knows your business as well as you do. If you are thinking about selling the business, then this is potentially a good time. At least you will know what your business is worth and how much it could sell for. Our team is on hand to answer this question so you at least know what could be available.

How much will banks lend to buy a business in the UK?2022-07-21T10:50:09+01:00

High street banks were traditionally the go-to place for all things commercial finance. Over the past 15 years, the alternative finance market has evolved. This has meant there are different EBITDA or EBIT multiples that can be applied to see how much funding is available. Of course, this is not the only way of seeing how much funding can be raised the buy a business. The Pinnacle team will talk you through the process and how much can be raised when looking to buy a business.

What business loan do I use to buy a business?2022-07-21T10:50:26+01:00

Broadly speaking there are 2 types of business loans in the UK. These are unsecured business loans and secured business loans. Either can be used to buy a business. This can be against a current business the buyer has an SPV business or even against the business being sold. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

What business loans are available?2022-07-21T10:50:45+01:00

Short-term cash flow business loans are commonplace because they can give a business the lift they need. Without being penalised for paying it back early and can be arranged quickly. A structured long-term business loan can also be sourced. This is more of a traditional business loan.

How to get cash-flow funding for my business?2022-07-21T10:51:01+01:00

Often businesses need funding to support cash flow. Knowing how your business has previously performed or what debt is owed to the company is useful. Invoice finance can be a great way of releasing funding g quickly to a business. A conversation with Pinnacle can be less than 5 minutes and we know what funding could be useful.

How much is a commercial mortgage?2022-07-21T10:52:28+01:00

Commercial mortgages range in price with a lot of different factors involved. This can be your experience in property and the commercial property itself. An LTV or loan to value ratio will be calculated. Our team will be able to explain more about this.

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