SMEs the encouraging reality of corporate social responsibilityOften SME’S have critical decisions to make, especially when pondering the creditor’s listings. The effect this may have on overall profits. When caught up in the fast pace world that we have all become accustomed to, it is very enlightening to read that three-quarters of small businesses in the UK support local organizations such as food banks, charities and schools as reported by

We welcome this news at Pinnacle Business Finance, holding our good business practices close to our hearts. Recently reported by the campaign group Peak B-based, a survey of over a thousand small businesses found that more than one-third of them are not primarily driven by profit. In the same survey, 90 percent felt they have a role to play in supporting community organisations.


The actions of three-quarters of SME’s in giving something back is pivotal to the success and reputation of the brand that they are creating. As large corporations dedicate website pages purely to Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). Small businesses can now do the same, publicising the outstanding work that they do.