UK haulage sector bracedRecently reported by the Financial Times,  only 4,000 permits would be granted to 40,000 hauliers travelling internationally under a no-deal Brexit. Currently, in the single market, there are no restrictions on the number of vehicles that can travel between countries. Allowing for an easy flow of goods. Furthermore, if restrictions are put in place this could affect the import and exports into the UK. What will the future look like for the UK haulage sector?

If a no-deal Brexit happens, an ‘ECMT licence’ would need to be issued to drivers. This would cover 43 countries inside and outside of the EU and may allow for greater expansion of the trade market for the UK. The restriction in the number of licences issued would simply restrict the haulage industry. Therefore force the government to reach for a Brexit deal.

Your vehicle would have to meet certain criteria to be granted an ECMT licence. For example an emissions test and stating how many international trips you have made over a set period of time. The Federation of Small Businesses has published a report showing this effect on SMEs. The Department for Transport has said the government are confident in reaching an agreement allowing access for the haulage industry.


Businesses inside the UK are preparing for restrictions or new guidelines in importing and exporting. Being up to date with the new licences that affect the UK haulage industry is key. If your business would have to make these drastic changes, how would you do it? Disaster planning is a crucial element of a successful business.