Where to Go When Looking for A Business Loan in BristolHow Does My Business Qualify For A Business Loan In Bristol And The Wider UK?

You may have a new start business in Bristol and require an unsecured business loan. Either way, you can still qualify for a business loan. Business loans in Bristol and across the UK, are a common way of securing commercial finance, as a rsult, it is one of the most popular ways to fund a business because business owners are familiar with how a loan works. However, we know that it can feel daunting knowing where to start. Especially when wondering if you qualify for a business loan.

The good news is, Pinnacle Finance in Bristol are here for you. Start-up business loans are accessible through Pinnacle Finance along with un-secured business loans, secured business loans, and alternative business finance in Bristol. So, one of the main fundamentals of any business loan in Bristol is how you are going to use the funding. This demonstrates to us and the lenders that you have a clear vision of how the business loan will be used. You may have been trading for 10, 20 30 years plus but having projections that include the business loan is always key.

Where Do I Get A Quick Business Loan in Bristol?

If you haven’t already guessed, it … Pinnacle Business Finance in Bristol is the place to go!

We have the whole of the alternative and mainstream high street financiers available for you. We compare the commercial finance market, saving you time and money. Whilst adding that all-important market knowledge. Whether you are a business based here in Bristol, Cardiff the South West or the wider UK, then we can help you. Market research shows that business owners apply for a business loan only 3 days prior to the requirement for funding. So, a quick and easy business loan in Bristol is a must. We collate the paperwork at the start of your funding journey to speed up the process.

You can get a quick business loan in Bristol on the same day. To achieve this, make sure you have your business financials accessible.

These include 

  • Business bank statements
  • Business plan
  • Annual accounts if you have them
  • All directors or shareholders information

Don’t panic if you don’t have annual accounts as there are plenty of lenders who don’t require this. One of the finance brokers at Pinnacle will work with you and collate this information. Making the process quick and easy. To allow you to continue to run your business whilst we secure that all-important business loan.

How Much Will A Business Loan Cost?

Wow, the most common question in commercial finance. How much does a business loan cost in Bristol or the UK? Well that all depends on your business and what you are looking for. Gone are the days of walking into a bank manager and getting a business loan but that is for good reason. Since 2008 a wealth of alternative lenders has been there to support start-ups and the SME marketplace. Each bringing a fresh and unique business finance offering. Some loans can be short term business loans up to 12 months with no early repayment fees and others can be of 10 years with a fixed term. Some can be in between over a fixed term, interest-only periods, and have little to no security given.

Potentially an unsecured business loan in Bristol might be an option. Clearly, each business loan in Bristol and across the UK will bring its own individual interest rate. One very important factor is how the interest is applied. The finance broker at Pinnacle will explain the difference between the flat interest rate and amortizing interest rate. In short, avoid flat interest rates at all costs as this will work out more expensive.

How Can Pinnacle Finance Find Me A Business Loan in Bristol?

What a brilliant question and one we love to get asked at Pinnacle Finance. We are your one-stop-shop for all things business loans in Bristol and across the UK. We have expert market knowledge when it comes to business loans. Especially for ambitious, growing businesses. Keeping cash-flow strong and having the financial backing to grow is imperative. We know how difficult it can be to run a business. How time-consuming and overwhelming it feels when looking for a business loan in Bristol.

That is one of the many reasons why Pinnacle formed in Bristol back in 2018. We will give you the time back to focus on your business. Whilst we do all the hard work for you and secure the best business loan in Bristol. Listening to what your business needs and wants from the business loan. Then tailoring the business loan in Bristol to your individual ambitions. Oh and of course getting the cheapest business loan possible for you.