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Construction invoice finance, also known as construction finance or construction invoice finance, is a financial solution specifically designed for businesses in the construction industry. It addresses the cash flow challenges that construction companies often face due to the nature of their projects, which involve significant upfront costs before receiving payments from clients. Construction invoice finance allows these companies to access funds quickly by using their unpaid invoices or applications for payment as collateral.

How Does Construction Finance Work?

1. Invoice Factoring: Construction companies sell their unpaid invoices or applications for payment to a factoring company. The factoring company advances a significant portion of the invoice amount (usually around 50-70%) to the construction company immediately, providing an infusion of cash. The factoring company then takes over the responsibility of collecting payments from the construction company’s clients.

Once the clients pay the invoices, the factoring company releases the remaining balance to the construction company, minus a fee. This fee covers the cost of financing and the factoring company’s services.

2. Invoice Discounting: Alternatively, construction companies can use their unpaid invoices or applications for payment as collateral to secure a loan or line of credit from a financial institution. In this case, the construction company retains control over the collection process and continues to manage its client relationships.

The financial institution advances a percentage of the invoice amount (typically 50-80%), and the construction company is responsible for collecting payments from clients. Once the clients pay, the construction company repays the loan or credit line with interest. This is typically available to larger and more established construction companies.

Why Choose Construction Finance?


Construction invoice finance is particularly beneficial for construction firms facing challenges such as:

High upfront costs: Construction projects often require significant upfront expenditures on materials, labor, and equipment before any payment is received.

Extended payment terms: Clients in the construction industry may have extended payment terms, causing delays in receiving payment for completed work.

Seasonal fluctuations: Construction activity can be seasonal, leading to periods of high and low cash flow.

By using construction invoice finance, companies can bridge the cash flow gap, ensure they have the necessary funds to cover operating expenses, and take on new projects without being constrained by delayed client payments. It provides financial flexibility and stability for construction businesses of varying sizes.

How can Pinnacle support as a Finance Broker

Pinnacle knows construction business’s in the UK can be susceptible to having a strain on cash flow or find it difficult to access commercial finance. As a finance broker, one of our many jobs is to support businesses in the UK secure construction finance. Once we have done this we present and discuss the invoice finance quotes with you. The brokers here at Pinnacle Business Finance are very well placed to support businesses in the construction industry and have experience in securing business finance for them.

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